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Melissa Sacco Interiors

About the Designer

Melissa Sacco

Melissa Sacco graduated from New York Institute of Technology with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design. In her pursuit for design innovation, Melissa designed an award winning table that received recognition by NYIT, and was displayed in Washington Square Mall, Solar Decathlon 2005 while in her third year of studies. As a pioneer with a natural talent for originality, Melissa also received the honor of having the piece displayed in the Museum of Modern Art, the Jacob Javits Center and the Marine Academy, all in the heart of the fashion industry, New York City.

Melissa’s creations merge together a simplicity and elegance that when married, result in a beautiful landscape of color and exquisite design. As a person who views herself simply as the guide to assist clients in the creation of a warm and inviting home, Melissa’s unique flair separates her from other interior designers:

"The purpose I serve is a channel from which my client’s ideas are realized, using the simple art of listening to their ideas, and achieving their vision."

Developing long-lasting relationships with her clients is one of the achievements Melissa prides herself on. It brings her great satisfaction to establish a pleasant and productive client relationship, one where each party feels deeply satisfied with the project outcome and looks forward to starting another.

"When a person is made to feel comfortable, inviting thoughts and ideas that are actually heard, the result is a relationship that goes beyond the four walls of a design."

Company Values

At Melissa Sacco Designs we are not just about design and working for you. We are about the relationship we develop with each of our clients and working with you to make sure everyone of your needs is met with the utmost attention to detail and unparalleled dedication to achieving the goal of your complete satisfaction.

"Growing up in an Italian, close-knit family, I learned at a very young age the value of being honest and reliable, while still maintaining the highest level of integrity. For me and my business, being anything less is simply unacceptable"

Once you partner with Melissa Sacco Interiors our success is rather simple: Your vision becomes our goal, and our goal is your happiness. We don’t simply strive to meet the expectations of our clients. We settle for nothing less than exceeding them!

"I consider each client a partner for me, so it is part of my practice to always ensure my clients are in agreement with each stage of the design process. If at any point there is even the slightest hesitation, we revisit the idea and revise the concept until everyone is on board."

Melissa Sacco